It is often said that professional footballers have a lot of time on their hands.
They train in the morning, have lunch at the club, maybe a light jog afterwards then the rest of the day is theirs to do as they will.

Which leads to ask the question, ‘what do they do?’.

In the past, gambling used to be a popular past time amongst players, but UEFA rules put paid to that.
Golf is seemingly popular among the elite players as is playing video games, but some turn their attention to a different tune, literally.

Music is what we are talking about and from simply attempting to learn a new skill to playing live, some players talents have no limits as you can see in our list of top footballers who have an eye for goal as well as an ear for a tune.

Carlos Tevez

The former West Ham, Manchester United and Manchester City Attacker was a menace to defences across the whole of Europe and is now causing the same issues back in his native Argentina.

Now at 34, it seems he is in the twilight of his career but when his footballing one is done, it is clear what occupation he intends to take up.

Tevez fronts a band with his brother Diego called Piola Vago and have even released a single.

However, it never quite made its mark. But there is still time.

Petr Cech

The Arsenal shot stopper appears to be the model professional and senior statesman at the Gunners.

However, it seems he may not be the model neighbour as Cech has an affinity with playing the drums.

He even roped former team-mate Alexis Sanchez into playing the keyboard for him in an Arsenal Christmas promotion video.

Mario Ballotelli

Controversial Nice star divided his attention during his time at Manchester City with a raft of outspoken exploits forever following the Italian around.

However, one surprise is to know that the 27-year-old is a dab hand at playing the piano.

One may have thought that the drums would be more Mario’s thing, but it turns out the piano is his thing and he even played a tune for Gigi Buffon once.

Tomas Rosicky

The former Arsenal star announced his retirement from the beautiful game at the end of 2017 as persistent niggling injuries hampered his second spell with Sparta Prague.

However, at 37, he cannot be too disappointed and at least he has a fall-back plan.

That plan is the guitar as it turns out Rosicky can certainly string a tune together and has even performed on stage with Czech rock band Tři sestry. (although rather embarrassingly one of the singers was wearing a Liverpool shirt, oops).

Leighton Baines

Everton Left-back has been blighted by injuries of late which has given the 33-year-old plenty of time out to pursue other activities.

Ones such past time the Englishman is keen on is playing the guitar and is reportedly very good.

I suppose being good mates with the Artic Monkeys will have helped and perhaps it is not inconceivable to think that one day, Baines could join their line-up once his playing days are over.